Event: RegulaXFishnet @ Rote Fabrik, Zürich

December 16th 2022

We’re happy to announce our first event in Zurich in collaboration with local collective Regula Rec and Rote Fabrik. It will be a club night of exchange, inclusivity and musical exploration. Come early, stay late! ︎

Rote Fabrik - Seestrasse 395, 8038 Zürich CH
16.12.22 23:00︎︎︎


2300  Rotel [Regula Rec]
0000  cryptic live [Regula Rec]
0130  Bernet Branca 
0330  Jabrome [Fishnet Records]
0500  Rogian [Fishnet Records]
0630  JTD b2b OPFX [Fishnet Records] 

Live Performance: Fastidi curated by Tamara Vizzardi

Entry: 15.–  (indicative price)


Assaultive behavior as well as discriminations in any form are out of place. Be aware of how much space you take up and actively contribute to make everyone in the room feel comfortable.

If you notice abusive behavior or are directly affected by it, draw attention to it or get support. The awareness team will be on site for the whole duration of the event and can be recognized by the yellow caps and electronic candles.

(Trigger warning: be aware that there will be flashing lights and smoke.)

Resident Advisor / Facebook

Artwork by @to___seba