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OPFX (deriving from the latin name Opifex) is a project created by Patrizio, mastering engineer and electronic music producer based in the Swiss Alps. After living in Berlin for almost five years, where he studied electronic music production and sound engineering, he has since gone back to Switzerland and felt the inspiration to start this brand new project.
It consists in a mixture of techno breakbeat music, nature and photography. The purpose is to rediscover old traditions and places forgotten in the wild nature of the Ticino valleys, and to repurpose them with a modern point of view using new technologies, fieldrecordings and pictures.
Patrizio has in his past played in various clubs across Switzerland, Berlin and Chile with the alias Hi-hat therapy and he’s currently launching a mastering service called PL Mastering with which he already had the chance to master tracks for Messy & The Gang, Jabrome, Romerlin and Alberto Almas. 

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