Gabriele Ciotola is an Italian-Swiss electronic music artist, composer, and producer born in Milan, Italy.  His work ranges from the production and performance of dance and experimental music, to scoring and creating music for the moving image.

Carrying with him a multi-year background in classical and jazz, Gabriele moved to Berlin in 2018 to study Electronic Music Production and Performance at Catalyst Insitute (fka dBs Berlin) where he has obtained his BA(Hons) with a final project focused on underground dance music’s limits and nuances, through the use of experimental sound-design and compositional techniques.

Between the projects he has worked on, most notable are his dance music duo Jabrome, in collaboration with Jérôme Roy, for which he has produced multiple releases and performed DJ and Live sets both in Berlin and Switzerland; his on-going collaboration with directors Andrea Riba and Alan Dresti on their films and video productions, and the original music for the fashion video Vestibules, which participated at the Neo.Fashion. 2021 digital festival.