The Edge of Dance Music

‘The Edge of Dance Music’ is a Bachelor project developed in 2021 at Catalyst Institute under the guidance of tutor Benjamin Bacon.

The core idea was to explore different degrees of experimentation in underground dance music in order to find for myself uncharted or unexplored grounds, and question their relationship with movement and personal engagement.

To do so, I had a first phase of artistic research documented in this blog, in which i produced many sketches and musical ideas, each one with some kind of limitation or rule to follow, that would push me to exit my standard practices. I then analyzed the results and made my conclusions.

Due to the pandemic, I was not able to test my ideas, analysis and productions in a live, social environment. I found a way to share my work in an Audio-Visual installation ( video above︎︎︎), for which I created a reactive video using Max for Live, and old footage representing past innovation within Dance Music, in the hope of seeing new developments in the future.