Short movie original score and sound-design

In hopes of making amends with her past, Mia attends therapy at Memory Lane - a service offered in the near future, one that claims to help patients face and heal from past traumas by re-creating memories in staged rooms.

Writer/Director - Andrea Riba
Producer - Alba Llach
Cinematographer - Alan Dresti
Sound - Jayden Bailey
Editors - Andrea Riba, Jayden Bailey
Original Score/Sound Design - Gabriele Ciotola
Production/Costume Design: Andrea Riba
VFX: Mattias Neumeister, Benjamin Sivo
Motion Graphics: Benjamin Sivo
Script Supervisor: Alba Llach
Gimbal Operator: Ludovic Mudry
Behind The Scenes: Zac Yeates
Memory Lane Facility Extras: Osman Ali, Cleo Spiro, Benjamin Sivo, Jayden Bailey, Alba Llach
Special Thanks: Isabel Schmitz, Zac Yeates, Simon Oblescak, Cleo Spiro, Ludovic Mudry