Event: Opening, One Shot Exhibition ‘Accumulation 03’ @ M.A.D.

April 2023

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FISHNET COLLECTIVE© is pleased to announce "ACCUMULATION 03", a One Shot Exhibition: performance + club night at Magadino Art Department.


"ACCUMULATION 03" aims to merge the performative practice of the artists on display and the subsequent DJ sets through a sound narrative that will accompany the performances until it transforms and dissolves its frequencies inside the club where it will gain rhythm and transport the bodies. The environment in which the performances will be immersed will transform M.A.D.’s spaces into a hazy, intimate and misty place, at times sacred, capable of accompanying the audience into another space. A dense but empty space, full of words but silent, evocative of a noisy past. A silvery simulacrum, an empty, ethereal theater. The end of a party, the calm after the storm, waiting for the next monsoon.

The rooms of M.A.D. will be accessible from 7:00 pm.

From 8:00 pm, the following performances will be presented in the foyer:

TAMARA VIZZARDI (Bern), 21, Performance, approx. 40min It's a bit like when you look at your bleeding nose in the mirror; a bit like when saliva drips from your mouth and falls on the pillow, but you sleep and can't stop it. It's a bit like when you encounter a wild animal on your path, take a step towards it, and it runs away. A bit like when you hope the candles on the cake will remain lit forever while you wait to blow them out. Everything boils down to that moment of sacredness when you understand that time is movement. (And you move with it.)

CAMILLA DE SIATI & MARCO RESTA (Milan), STRAY SOULS, Performance, approx. 30min It is the first collaboration between the artists Camilla De Siati and Marco Resta. A liquid gas invades the underground space, silver wires reflect artificial light, and the taste is that of a finished party, a melancholic residue of bodies, sweat, and saliva. As if they were ghosts of our time, two performers act on the space, activate the night. It is an initiation: to deconstruct to generate. Manifesto phrases, synchrony, and embryonic gestures build the place. It is a dance on the brink of an apocalypse, the need for a return to the natural and the impossibility of returning there.

Refreshments will follow.

From 10:00 pm, the Club Night will take place in the club where Rave, Techno, Electro and Breakbeat sounds will be performed by:

10:00pm  JABROME (Fishnet Records, Locarno)
12:00am  BERENICE (CULPA, Madrid)
2:00am  JENNY CARA (Zürich)
4:00 am  SCHULZE (Green Room, Berlin)

The event will end at 6:00 am.



07.04.2023 from 7:00 PM to 6:00 AM

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(15 CHF + Mandatory membership 5 CHF)

Exhibition onlyat the entrance
(Free entry + Mandatory membership 5 CHF)

The 5 CHF registration fee to the Fishnet Collective Association is required for all people attending the event in order to take advantage of the services offered at M.A.D.


Magadino Art Department Via Cantonale 172 6573 Magadino
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To reach M.A.D., there are several alternatives: you can take the ferry from Locarno to Magadino and walk a few minutes. From the Cadenazzo station there is a bus that goes to Magadino. For those coming by car, a paid public parking lot is available just a few minutes from M.A.D. To return, fixed-rate shuttle taxis will be available to the Riazzino station. For the brave ones, the first morning bus is at 5:39 AM, and we will probably still be active.


7:00pm Doors open
8:00pm Performances
10:00pm DJ sets
6:00am Closing


Camilla De Siati
(Milan,1997) lives and works in Milan. Her work reflects ancient choreographies and interspecies languages. Architectures of bodies, anarchic support modules. Drawing as a translation of impulses, verbalization of movements. Recent exhibitions include: As Fragile as a bomb, Lewisham Arthouse, London (2023), Cycle Breakers, Fondo Luogo, Milan (2022); Instructions To Light Keepers, Septshowroom, Milan (2021); Touching Bubbles, BASE, Milan (2018); Academiae Youth Art Biennale, Fortezza Fort Museum, Bressanone (BZ) (2018).

Marco Resta
Born in 1997, he lives and works in Milan. The body is the cornerstone of his research. Different media hybridize into visual universes, chaotic imaginaries and symbol-objects to build a code for interpreting contemporaneity. Horror, trash culture, and psychoanalysis are the materials at the basis of his reflection on today. Among the collective exhibitions he has participated in: As Fragile As a Bomb at Lewisham Arthouse, London 2023; Cycle Breakers, FondoLuogo, Milan 2022; He participated in the Italian Pavilion at the Youth Art Biennale 2018, Academiae Biennal, Bolzano 2018; Touching Bubbles, inside Milan Book Pride, BASE, Milan, 2018.

Tamara Vizzardi
born in 2002 in Serravalle, Ticino, lives and studies in Bern. She moves between writing, dance, and performance. She works especially on the interaction between the artwork and the audience, and on the attitudes that the latter shows in certain environments and situations. She often questions the definition of delicacy, attention, and care in her practice, and how these topics are reflected in her work and in what the audience perceives. It is all still a long phase of experimentation, a long phase of fear. A long phase of love. Recent exhibitions and performances include: the performance "Mein drittes Leben" (2021), HKB Bern; the performance with Nicola Bianco "Confusione Svizzera" (2022), Ductus Galerie Luzern; the group exhibition "Describe your pain from 1 to 10" (2022), Grand Palais Bern; direction of the collective performance "Fastidi" (2022) FishnetCollectiveXRegula, Rotefabrik, Zürich.

Vera Amores aka BERENICE is a DJ, music producer and performance artist based in Berlin. She started DJing in the Madrid night scene where she founded, together with JOVENDELAPERLA, the queer electronic music collective CULPA, that celebrates and embraces trans and non binary existences in the night scene, throwing several parties since 2019 in Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin. Her eclectic mixes brim with transfemininity and syncretism, breaking with conventional techno through the use of Latin rhythms and breakbeats, cinematic melodies and heavy contrasts, which had gain her a spot as a resident in the well-known queer party MARICAS. She has performed at Boiler Room Barcelona, VAPOR Garage Noord Amsterdam, Arena Spa Porto, Poem Room at Conde Duque or Museo del Carmen. She has released music in Culpa’s first digital compilation & MARICAS Records first compilation and has been invited to Refuge Worldwide.

Jenny Cara
As an experienced promoter and DJ, Jenny Cara moves effortlessly between different spaces and networks of Zurich’s club and nightlife culture. She has no fear of putting her finger where it hurts, which sometimes feels like she is digging her own grave, as she puts it. She cannot pinpoint how her awareness of the inequality in nightlife started, it crept up on her and now she is at the forefront of promoting progressive culture and minds thinking more inclusive futures.
For 14 years she has been engaged as a promoter. Working at Club Zukunft in Zurich she was responsible for bookings and club management, while working tirelessly to bring diversity to one of the most important institutions in Zurich’s nightlife. She is also known for organizing and curating parties in off-space locations all over the city. Through that, she has become a main player in the work of translating between the subculture and big institutions.
With her bookings, she shows a great sense for curating nights that combine established DJs with promising talents. She advocates for bookers to put in the extra research and take the risk – even if it backfires in 1 out of 10 cases.

Jabrome is a Dj/Producer duo from Locarno, co-founder of Fishnet Collective. Since 2015 Jérôme and Gabriele have performed throughout Switzerland and abroad proposing a carefully balanced combination of Breakbeat, Electro and Techno, which has condensed over the years into various musical releases on labels such as Tiefdruckgebeat and Seven Scales Records, and ultimately the launch of Fishnet Records with their latest release: Carbon EP.
Jabrome are currently resident DJ's and music curators at the Magadino Art Department (M.A.D.) and carry out their sound and projects in parallel with the collective, maintaining a broad musical vision, purposely open to novelty and experimentation.

Berlin-based artist and producer Gabriele Ciotola branches out from his ongoing work as part of Jabrome to pursue a very personal project focused on exploring dance music's tropes and limits. schulze’s fast-paced sound takes on the challenge of presenting eclectic rhythms and textures while maintaining undeniable, pulsating grooves.
In addition to co-funding Fishnet Collective and being involved in many of its activities, Gabriele is also part of Berlin-based collective Green Room, and is working towards a Master of Arts in Creative Production where he pursues his love for audiovisual art and sound design.

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Performances curated by Davide Barberi & Saverio Stoll
Musical event curated by Gabriele Ciotola & Jérôme Roy

Graphic design and artwork by Sebastiano Pellanda & Davide Barberi