In light of this escalation in Israel’s decades-long occupation of Palestine, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

March 2023
In the past three weeks, more children have been killed in Gaza than have died in all global conflicts since 2019. Israel is carrying out a series of war crimes which amount to a genocide of the Palestinian population. They are bombing hospitals, evacuation routes and densely populated refugee camps. *

The Palestinian people deserve peace, liberation and their human dignity.

As artists, musicians, and individuals, we depend on cultural freedom. With it facing a terrible threat, it is our duty to raise our voices.
We’ve had to take the necessary time to adequately discuss the matter within our collective, but we are also aware that this statement comes later than it should have, especially considering the urgency and gravity of the situation.

We firmly condemn any kind of violence, discrimination, islamophobia and antisemitism.

Here, you'll find a few resources and suggestions on how you can contribute:

The Palestine Academy

Institute for Middle East Understanding

Swiss-Palestine Network





Petition: Cease Fire Now -

Petition: Demand a ceasefire by all parties to end civilian suffering -


Médecins Sans Frontières

Terre Des Hommes

World Food Programme

United Palestinian Appeal

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Palestine Children Relief Fund

* Statement sources: