Event: Fishnet @ Rotonda del Festival

July 29 - August 14 2022

Fishnet Collective is joining in full force the music program for Rotonda by la Mobiliare during the Locarno Film Festival

︎ On July 30th, Fishnet Records will be closing the night from 11pm to 2am with special guest Sauna and residents Jabrome.

︎ On August 8th, Musica Furba is taking over the whole night. Locandieri are opening, followed by Ele-A and Mattak (Poche Spanne).

︎ Throughout the whole festival, our very own Jabrome will be the resident DJs, opening every night until 8pm and closing from 11pm to 2am. 

︎ On August 8th and 9th, we will be holding a stand in Rotonda’s shop area, where people will be able to win a few goodies and get to know the collective. 


Find out more about Rotonda and Locarno Film Festival here.