Event: Vernissage Exhibition ‘Accumulation 02’ @ M.A.D.

March 2022

FISHNET COLLECTIVE© is pleased to announce "ACCUMULATION 02", the second official exhibit at MAGADINO ART DEPARTMENT.


Accumulation 02 is a showing curated by Davide Barberi and Saverio Stoll, with the contribution of Umberto Kornaglia.
The fil rouge gravitates around an archive of experiences, that once shared create a common reality; Memories are formed from a past that is not ours but with which we are able to empathize.
Photography is the vehicle which the artists develop their projects with, free however from the technical and concrete constraint of the medium.

Exhibiting: Marcello Maranzan (Pordenone), Camilla Marrese & Gabriele Chiapparini (Bologna), Umberto Kornaglia (Alba).


Following the exhibition, the musical event will take place in the ‘Locale Barche’. TSUNIMAN (Sisu / Co-Select / Klub Verboten) from London, Shay (Namazu Collective) from Lugano and Jabrome (Fishnet Collective), will bring to M.A.D. their Rave, Techno, Electro and Breakbeat sounds.


Accompanying the exhibition, Fishnet Books will be on site with an assorted catalog of the new editorial projects, which can be browsed and purchased directly at the shop.


19.03.2022 from 16.00 to 04.00

𝒉𝒐𝒘 𝒎𝒖𝒄𝒉

Magadino Art Department
Via Cantonale 172 6573 Magadino
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To reach M.A.D. you can take the ferry from Locarno to Magadino and walk a few minutes, or a bus from Cadenazzo.
To return, shuttle taxis will be available at a fixed rate to Riazzino station.
For the tough ones, the first morning bus is at 5.39am, and we'll probably all still be there.

16.00 opening
18.00 vernissage, inauguration
22.00 music starts
04.00+ closing

The exhibition will remain open for the whole week following the event. To stay up to date on news and information, or for any questions:


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We look forward to seeing you ☻